Busy Busy

Hello All!! We hope you are doing just fine! All of us here at Rose Catering have been very busy between our personal lives and this business that means the world to us! But that’s ok because busy means success and that is our goal. We have been pushing hard to get the word out about our graduation BBQ special, what an exciting time of year for a lot of families between graduation, prom, weddings and family reunions in some way lives are changing and the BEST part is that my staff and I are privileged enough to be a part of all that. It truly does bring us joy to see so much happiness.

As I have mentioned in a previous blog we are working with Visitdetroit.com and our calendar is filling up fast, however that is not to say we do not have plenty of room for YOUR event!

We have a small request for you, if you haven’t visited our Facebook page, liked and shared we would be extremely grateful if you would do so, not only are you helping us spread the word but you will see our random offers as soon as they are posted which are usually anything from a 10% off of an entree to 10% off an entire menu. So do that and mention this blog once you do for a little something special 😉

Well I think I’ve covered all I need to today so thank you for reading, feel free to comment and as always referrals are our friend!

Until next time,

Rose Catering Management