Summer Fun 2017

Hello All!!!

Wow let me tell you we have been slammed this summer with so many different events and family functions, it truly has been a blessing and tons of summer fun!! We have ended the summer dreaming of bbq’s and graduation parties and NOW we are preparing for all of your holiday events! We will be sure to post all of our upcoming specials that are guaranteed to save you money, time and relieve you of all that hustle and bustle that the wonderful holidays bring. Just as a reminder we off full catering services for company Christmas parties, New Years parties and even Thanksgiving. And we can promise you that your event will be nothing short of perfect and everything you and your guests want it to be! So with all that being said take a minute to look over our site, pictures from past events and our beautiful menu and never hesitate to ask questions. In the meantime we would like to thank each and every family whether personal or corporate for allowing us to service you through the summer.

Huge shout out to:

6-24-2017- Alex Romero (Graduation BBQ)

6-24-2017- Julie Albert (Graduation BBQ)

6-25-2017- Spree Car Show (Allowed us to be part of the venders and market/sell foods from our bbq menu)

7-8-2017- Corvette Car Show (Allowed us to be part of the venders and market/sell foods from our bbq menu)

7-8-2017- Dan Palmer (Graduation BBQ)

7-15-2017- Diana Pryor (Family Reunion BBQ)

7-21-2017- Casey (Pig Roast Wedding)

8-19-2017- Barbara & Kevin (BBQ Wedding)

8-19-2017- Joann Mitchell (Graduation BBQ)

8-27-2017- Don Nicholson (2 locations)

We have also carried our weekly luncheons over through the summer for Azoury Financial which we would like to send an huge thank you to Steve for continuing to allow us to serve you and all the ladies and gentlemen in “Blue”

We are excited for an upcoming event in December when the Bell Family celebrates their 50th Wedding Anniversary

And  as we provide service to one of our own the niece of Phil Rodriguez, who will be celebration the upcoming birth of her first baby. We will be catering her shower in January of 2018.



We look forward to serving you in the near future,

Rose Catering