Stay Well, Stay Safe!!

Hello Everyone,

We wanted to take this opportunity to stop in and say HI and that we miss all of our clients. What a crazy past few months it has been right?!! As we wait for the stay home, stay safe to be lifted we just want to encourage all of our clients to continue planning your events. We are still here and we are still booking all events.

On our hot list currently is our 2020 grads, our hearts really go out to these young men and women as their special year has been sabotaged by the COVID-19 and we want you to know that when we provide our services to you, your family and friends we will make sure that your graduates day focuses on THEM and not this very trying time we are all going through right now.

We are also getting quite a bit of save the dates for wedding this coming summer and we are super excited to serve several brides and grooms this year!!

In closing we want to remind you all that during this pandemic, we as a company are making sure to take every precaution possible to keep our staff and our clients safe with proper handwashing, sanitizing and deep cleaning all of our pans, utensils and cookware.

It is our goal to come out of this pandemic and make the rest of 2020 a positive year to remember!!


Be Well and Stay Safe and we hope to see you all very soon.

Rose Catering