Rose Catering- Our Focus


Our Focus- As the catering season draws near, our calendar is starting to fill up and things are getting somewhat hectic. As the owner of such an amazing business, I make it a point to keep my focus on the best interest of my customer. Happy client, happy CEO 🙂 When we say in our mission statement “Your Request is our Specialty” we mean exactly that. We pledge to go to any length to serve you and make sure your event is all you want.

I am always looking for room of improvement to ensure the very best for you. When I run promotions I am running them to help my customers. I not only want to cater your current event, but I want to cater your entire families events. I want to cater your friends events and your children’s event when the are grown. That being said I need YOU to feel that you have received the absolute best. I rely on my customers to help me grow and I appreciate each and every one of them. I vow to do as I can to help you create and provide the most elite event. I will give advice when asked, and offer my assistance in any way I can.

I personally thank you for your patronage and look forward to sharing many happy moments with you and your family


Phil Rodriguez

Rose Catering CEO