Spring/Summer 2019

Hi Everyone!!

WOWZA! Let me say this first and foremost, we have been BUSY!! One thing for sure since the middle of Spring until current our staff at Rose Catering has learned critical thinking and problems solving….I name those 2 things because in the catering industry sometimes things come up and we have to think fast and come up with the best solution to make our customers HAPPY. We come together as a family and decide how to fix any problem that is thrown at us whether it be someone calling off work last second or perhaps we run out of an item that was under ordered. Regardless we fix it keep it to ourselves and let nothing come in the way of YOUR event! Our mission and it has been proven this year so far is to DO our best, BE our best and make YOU happy so that you can tell the world how great we are 🙂
Thus far 2019 has been great to us, we have double and triple booked and pulled it off like “no sweat”. We have been “slammed” with car shows this year that we do cash and carry straight from our mobile grill. The normal menu has been hamburgers, cheeseburgers, hot dogs, Italian sausage, brats and polish sausage (big hit) and to go along with those items we serve French fries, chips, iced cold pop and water and even candy for the kiddies.
We have had several graduation parties at various locations (customers choice), an absolutely beautiful wedding that lacked nothing at all which included a pig roast, fireworks a desert table that you could only imagine ( see 2019 showcase) we have had a few celebrations of life, golf outings and to think summer has only just begun!! HURRAY!! We are blessed beyond measure, to be able to serve communities around most counties, to have the support from many many people and mostly to work with our own family at each event we cater to.
SO thank you to our customers who have made us successful, we truly appreciate you and we look forward to working with you all again in the future!!
Rose Catering Staff